The word KAYAM indicates our body and KARPAM indicates the medicine.By using this karpam through proper method we can escape from the death.We have this karpam inside our body that is located in the head, and we can get this karpam by wake the kundalini that passes through six sakras and finally enters in the SAKASRARAM(head) which makes the AMIRTHAM and flows drop by drop in transils (inner tongue). This is one type of kaya karpa method.In this type of method we have to spend at least 14 years and we cant do where the people living ie it can be done only in mountains alonly place.

There are other two methods of kaya karpam mooligai to stop the death
1.Kaya karpam medicine  made by ourself which is indicated in the siddhar books.
2. Kaya karpam medicine is already prepared by siddhars kept in a secret place.
There are several kaya karpam medicine has said by many siddhars very frankly but now in the present world very very few people can know where is the particular herb or tree located. no person cannot reach the place very easily because of  heavy restriction formed by the siddhars and with the tight security by them. suppose any one wants that particular herb or tree they have to  get permission from the siddhars or from the security god in that particular place. Although if we take the herb or tree from that place we have to use saba nivarthi mantras and have to intake the medicine we should under go fasting for 48 days in a alonely place where hot and cool condition are blanced place.


There are several herb and medicine can been seen in our living place. but these herb and medicine will not give good expected result to us. The herb and the tree are more powerfull only in the mountains because human being smell will not be there. no one knows these secret of power for the mountains herb and tree. in this world several people says we know how to do the rasa vatham ie converting into gold . I can challange know one knows how to do the rasa vatham but there are people but they wont tell they use this rasa vatham for kaya karpam purspose not for sale.
In the second method is easy but cannot find very quickly. one can find this type of ready made kaya karpa mooligai those who are related in this field. this is also kept in secret place with tight security. whatever you take this kaya karpam mooligai from a particular place, a man who born through mother death is confirmed. but man comes  without from mother will have superior
power they have no death.
For example we can say many, allmost all siddhars and for your information koorakar siddhar born  from the fire ash , lord krishna born from heaven, and even jesus born from the heaven they have superior power does any one find this type research certainly not. many people have no time to analys and research these important things does any one know for whom the nine planets will not work. a man who make SAMATHI for himself and comes out from SAMATHI after completing his work inside the SAMATHI, the nine plantes will
not work or otherwise the nine plantes will work with 100%.
In sathura kiri hills there are several kaya karpa mooligai are there, very few people knows where it is but they do not know how to make it functioning. likewise in korakunda ie korakar siddhar samathi there is a small falls from that we can see the  water with oily the reason is korakar siddhar kept a ready made kaya karpam medicine inside the place cannot be found out. this is the leakage of that particular kaya karpa medicine, simillarly in algarkoil temple  madurai in ANJANEYAR THEERTHAM we can also see the same type of leakage of kaya karpam medicine kept by the ANJANEYAR. every kaya karpam medicine have tight restriction to get it.

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